chicken breast with Pesto Fettuccini


The delayed recipe was executed because every time I searched it wasn't there, almost went in and out of the supermarket while looking for it, didn't find the end, only at Pasar Gedhe Solo, I was so happy because the supplies in the fridge were complete, so I immediately executed it!


 enough Fettuccini

 Pesto sauce

 2 cloves of garlic

 50 g fresh basil leaves (handful)


 2 tbsp almonds (can substitute cashews)


 Olive oil

 salt to taste

 enough Pepper

 2 tsp Milk powder (optional)

Chicken Grill

 100 gr chicken breast

 Italian herbs (can substitute oregano/rosemary)

 salt to taste

 enough Pepper



1. Puree the pesto sauce ingredients in a blender until smooth

2. Boil the Fettuccini with water and a little oil so it doesn't stick for 7-8 minutes

3. Heat butter/butter, add chicken breast, season with italian herbs, salt, pepper to taste, grill until cooked, then set aside

4. Heat the olive oil then stir-fry the mashed spices until fragrant, then add the Fettuccini and stir for a while until evenly distributed, remove and serve~