Infinitely many possibilities

 Finding the form of exercise that suits you best is a step in the right direction.  Finding a new hobby that can help you feel better,

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 reduce stress and increase your well-being is a positive thing.  Starting to work out in the gym can be a habit that you prefer not to break once you have started.  It's just a matter of getting to that point in one's training to understand how nice it is with training.

 Many people think that it takes good and functional equipment to attend the gym, but you can actually go to the gym in any workout clothes.  You need a pair of slippers, but brand does not matter, the main thing is that you and your feet can handle the physical activity.  So do not try to find excuses in the equipment why you can not get hold of the training.

 If you feel that the day does not have enough hours to keep up with exercise, you may need to re-prioritize a bit.  By taking time, you strengthen your own body and mind, you will simply be able to do more.  It's just a matter of asking the question;  Do I want to invest in myself to have a healthy and long life or do I intend to postpone training to a day when I have more time and my body has already had ailments?

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 You must dare to invest in yourself, good diet, exercise and sleep are the big key to success for a healthier and more energetic life.  Believe in your own abilities and take control of your own life, start training today.