Lunch Ideas For Kids


Moms who are having children’s have to think of cooking something quick as lunch. Sometimes even two kids can be a handful of mischief. Especially for those mothers who are working for part time business or are busy with household activities such as doing laundry, house cleaning, or grocery shopping. Lunch ideas for kids should be quick, hassle free and delicious too. You have to cook variety of foods to see what your child likes the most for eating. You have to keep in mind that the food served by you should be healthy and delicious such as wheat bread sandwiches rather than fatty foods such as cheeseburgers or French fries. The other quick lunch can be marshmallow fluff or bananas rather than jelly on the peanut butter sandwich.

Preparing and giving lunch every day to kids needs lot of creativity and planning along with the additional concern of making the food nutritious and healthy. It may be the difficult task in hand but don’t worry we have a good experience about this.

Few lunch ideas for kids which can be useful:

a) Healthy dips: Dips are the very lovely lunch ideas for kids. Toddlers and kids are fond of dips so much that they feel like having it every day. Dips can also be prepared at home with the help of fresh tomatoes and hummus or vegetables instead of ketch-up brought from store.

b) Multi-grain or whole wheat bread: Sandwiches are the quick and healthy lunch ideas for kids but with the precaution to avoid white breads. Make sandwich using multi-grain or whole wheat bread with a variety of spreads or sauces. Similarly you can make pies or muffins using whole wheat flour for kids’ lunch boxes. Make homemade breads if possible as it will be healthier than outside breads.

c) Slow cooker: Healthy food for kids is an important part of their foods and fresh foods are perfect as lunch ideas for kids. Morning hours are quite busy with every member of the family is about to go to his daily routines such as office, college, or school. You do not have enough time to prepare the food for kids. Utilizing the slow cooker or crock pot to prepare chili, stews, curries, etc consisting of pasta or vegetables can be a quick and best option and at the same time you can concentrate on other kitchen chores.

d) McDonald’s homemade meals: Kids are fond of McDonalds meals as they are of different test and good quality. Give your kids the same taste, almost the same fun and much better quality by preparing homemade pizzas, burgers and hot dogs as lunch ideas for kids. You can add more nutrition’s and taste with the help of stuff patties along with vegetables finely boiled or chopped and whole wheat bread to prepare fast foods similar to McDonald’s.

Lunch ideas for kids need to quick, healthy and delicious and at the same time full of fun and as per their likes as the common saying says “You are what you eat!”