Online Dating Tips – What Does FWB NSA Mean?

 Online Dating Tips – What Does FWB NSA Mean?

If you are looking to go online and find the right dating site that meets your needs, then it pays to understand the various terms and acronyms that are part of the internet community. In this regard, FWB means “friends with benefits” and NSA means “no strings attached”. However, just what do these terms mean when dating online?

What FWB NSA Means to You

Essentially, if you are looking for a relationship where sexual intercourse is the primary activity and it carries no commitment beyond that, then a dating site where FWB/NSA is encouraged is the right choice for you. There are several reasons why people choose this form of dating, so here are a few tips to help guide you through the process of using FWB Sites.

Be Clear

Effective communication is the key to enjoying an FWB NSA relationship, so you will need to communicate that with the person who also wants it as well. Keep in mind that FWB relationships often work at least for a while, it is the no strings attached part that may cause complications. So, be clear in your intentions from the start.

Find the Right Dating Site

You will need to find a dating site that emphasizes FWB relationships with NSA. This will help you communicate your wants and desires better since you’ll be among those who share your interests. Too many people choose dating sites that are more aligned with traditional relationships and that’s where a lot of issues can occur. Or worse, they find disreputable sites that do not provide the verification needed to ensure that you find the right person.

If you want to know more about friends with benefits, no strings attached sites, then check out FWBsites which will help you find what you need to make the best-informed decision about how to proceed.

Keep It Casual

A key part of any FWB NSA relationship is that you keep it casual and low-key. After all, you are in this for one reason, so there is no need to make things bigger than what they are. Just keep cool and enjoy the fun that these relationships can deliver.


For most people who participate in FWB relationships, it is a temporary situation. This means that such relationships are dependent on factors that will change over time. Many who participate are young and have commitments to their career which may preclude a traditional relationship. So, be aware when changes occur as you might find yourself looking for something other than FWB.

Listen to Your Feeling

While FWB relationships are growing in popularity, they still represent a small number compared to the majority who are looking for a traditional relationship. So, if you feel yourself falling for the person with whom you are having a FWB NSA relationship, it’s time to pause and ask what happens if this situation does not change. It’s better to address such feelings early and consult with your partner rather than wait and make things worse.