Fusili Watercress Pesto (Fusili Local Wisdom)




 1-2 servings of Fusili

 pesto ingredients:

 Handful of watercress (watercress aka kenci)

 2-3 garlics

 2 large green chilies, 2 small green chilies (adjust to taste)

 1 tbsp lime juice

 1 tbsp skinless roasted peanuts/onion beans

 2 tbsp coconut oil

 according to taste salt, pepper powder

 grated cheddar cheese for sprinkling/mixing


1. Boil the fusilli to your liking.  Drain well.

2. Wash the watercress, take the leaves along with the leaf stalks only. Prepare the ingredients to be blended. Do not skip the orange juice, to add a fresh and sour taste. Also to keep the green color fresh.

3. Blend the pesto ingredients. (Cheese can be blended together, or grated last over the fusilli when serving. I prefer to sprinkle only.) Taste test.

4. Mix cooked fusilli with pesto to taste. (If there is leftover pesto, it can be stored in the freezer). It doesn't need to be cooked anymore.

5. Place on a plate, sprinkle with cheese. Ready to serve.